Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Random things lately

Random updates:

-Janelle won't be taking the kids back after her baby is born, but Kathleen wants to keep them since they are all having so much fun and we are THRILLED.  We love the kids going there.  Kellan calls Brooklyn "Googin" and it's adorable.  Kellan and Jakob will be going to the same preschool class in the fall so she can take him (so convenient) and we are trying really hard to get Sawyer into Fruitland so they can go to the same kindergarten.  The problem is it is on hold so we don't know if he can get in (I guess there are schools that have space, some not sure yet, and some closed and that one at least isn't closed.)

-Kellan is saying small sentences now which is good.  We love that he will randomly say something complicated and we just look at each other like "where and when did he learn that?" He still can't 100% say what he wants though so it's still kind of frustrating.

-The last few weeks we have all been off and on ill.  The weather has been pretty good lately so it is weird.  I think we are all good now.

-The morning after Leah's bachelorette party my knee started hurting and still isn't 100% better.  I took a week off of the gym and have been modifying everything since.  I finally ran today without any pain so I'm hoping that is a sign it is almost healed.  It has been so bad I couldn't walk up stairs though.

-My muscles are getting pretty big.  I wish my arms didn't look big though because they look fat when I'm not flexing LOL

This is my first month of going to the gym vs now.  I was flexing the same amount in each.  You can definitely tell a difference.
 I've also been working on my shoulder mobility so I can finally overhead squat.  Here is 65 lbs which is such an improvement from my PVC pipe a few weeks ago.

-I know like 16 line dances now.  Here is a pic I screen shot from the Big Whisky page.  I'm in the middle in orange.  It is so fun and KC and I are really good at it.  It was funny last time we went and we asked a girl outside that is always there to show us a dance.  She was like "Well I can't teach it to you in 5 minutes but I can show you it" and yeah she did it once and we pretty much learned it after asking her about one part again.  They teach you one dance a night too at the beginning but some we catch on by just following the crowd.

-Sawyer LOVES preschool.  I am glad we put him in because I think it would have been a shock to go to kindergarten, especially since it's full-day now.  He was even so excited when they had silly hat day that he woke up early.

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